Official Classification of Spanish Meat Products - Boletín Oficial del Estado, Real Decreto 474/2014, June 13.

The official list of Spanish meat products is presented in Boletín Oficial del Estado, Real Decreto 474/2014, 13th June. All popular meat products and sausages are briefly described as well as basic information about manufacturing processes such as salting, curing, fermenting, cooking, drying, canning and others. Boletín Oficial del Estado is the set of all regulations that regulate industry, food, cosmetics and all aspects of life in Spain. In United States it is called Code of Federal Regulations (CFR).

Note: the Spanish word “cured” covers individual steps like fermenting, drying, and maturing (ageing), however, “drying” takes place during fermentation, drying, aging/maturing and even changes in a product during storage.

  • Androlla - sausage. Spare ribs cut to smaller pieces (bones included), spices, marinated, stuffed in casings, dried in the presence of smoke.
  • Androlla Maragata - sausage. Lean pork, pork skins, no bones, ground, marinated, stuffed in casings, smoked and dried.
  • Bacon - pork belly, smoked.
  • Baiona curada - sausage. Pork cuts cured with salt and nitrite, mixed with spices, stuffed in natural casings and dried.
  • Bisbe, Bull - sausage. Cooked meat, fat, tongue, occasionally offal meat, salt, pepper, stuffed in large diameter casings and cooked. Sometimes, pork blood is added.
  • Bispo - sausage. A typical product from Pyrenean valleys made with pork masks and head meat, tongues, lean pork which are cooked in water, then the meat is separated from bones, cut or ground, mixed with spices, stuffed in pork caecum (blind cap) and cooked.
  • Blanquet - sausage. Lean pork, pork head meat, eggs. Stuffed in casings and dried.
  • Bolas - blood, pork fat, bread, spices, pine nuts. All mixed and shaped into round balls, then cooked in water.
  • Borono - cooked meat product made from pork fat, suet, blood, onions, corn or wheat flour, parsley.
  • Botelo or Botillo - sausage. Spare rib meat (bones included), pork tails, bone meat, stuffed into pork blind caps or stomachs.
  • Budin de Cerdo - lean pork, fat, offal meat, fried, cooled and canned.
  • Butifarra - sausage. Pork meat, back fat, offal meat including lungs, heart, and kidneys. Meats are cooked, ground, mixed with spices, stuffed in pork casings and cooked.
  • Cabeza de jabalí - sausage. Head cheese made from pork head meat.
  • Cachuelas - pork liver fried in pork fat with garlic, onions, pimentόn, spices. Liver is chopped, all is mixed and cooked.
  • Callos - cooked beef, veal or sheep stomachs. Also cooked pig stomachs and casings.
  • Camalot - sausage. Lean pork, dewlap, back fat, pork liver, pork blood, pepper pimentόn, and spices. Meats ground and mixed with all ingredients. Pork skin is wrapped around the meat mixture and cooked. This irregularly shaped grey colored sausage weighs between 0.5-4.0 kg (1-9 lb).
  • Chicharrones, Budin - Fried or baked pork fat, occasionally sheep fat. Offal meat sometimes included.
  • Chireta - sausage. Sheep heart, pork lungs, pork lean meat and fat, all cooked and ground. Then, the meats are mixed with rice, parsley, garlic, pepper, cinnamon and sweet pimentόn. Stuffed in sheep casings and cooked.
  • Chistorra - sausage. A combination of cut/ground pork, or pork and beef, pork fat, containing pimentόn, stuffed into small diameter natural or artificial casings and subsequently dried/natured. The diameter of the finished sausage should not exceed 25 mm, the texture should display an intense red color and the flavor be typical of the product.
  • Chόped - a fine paste of meat, mainly pork, with visible larger pieces of show-meat.
  • Chorizo criollo - sausage. White chorizo (no pimentόn) made with ground pork and fat, spices, stuffed into natural or artificial casings, may be submitted to a short drying/maturing process or not, which will contribute to desired color and flavor. The sausage may be be submitted to heat treatment (optional).
  • Chorizo cular - sausage. Lean pork, fat, spices, may include garlic, white wine and olive oil. The sausage mass is stuffed into large diameter (40-60 mm) pork casings, usually pork bungs. When cut its texture should display intense red color of lean meat with specks of fat resulting in a marbled appearance.
  • Chorizo de cebolla - sausage. Meat, fat, diced onion, spices.
  • Chorizo de entraña - sausage. Pork jowls (cheeks), spices, stuffed into casings.
  • Chorizo de Pamplona - sausage. Pork meat and fat, occasionally pork and beef even other permitted meats, all ground very finely. May exhibit mold on outside, lean meat and fat particles should be easily visible, the orange tinted fat resembling grains of rice. Lean meat displaying vivid red color.
  • Chorizo de Teror, Chorizo Palmero and Chorizo de Perro - sausage. Made of pork, not submitted to drying nor maturing, characterized by a soft spreadable texture.
  • Chorizo rondeño - sausage. Pork meat and fat, stuffed into a natural casing in the form of a ring and submitted to a short drying process of 5-7 days.
  • Chosco - sausage. Pork tongue, loin and lean pork, stuffed into casing.
  • Chuleta de Sajonia - pork chops, marinated with spices, cooked and usually smoked.
  • Emberzao - pork fat, blood, chopped onions, pimentόn, all mixed with corn flour, formed into balls and wrapped with cabbage leaves. The leaves are tied with twine and cooked.
  • Embuchado - lamb casing wrapped around in the form of a firm ball and cooked or grilled. Then sliced and served.
  • Fardeles - cooked pork liver, lean pork, kidneys, pepper, parsley, cinnamon, pimentόn, all is mixed and made into portions that are wrapped with pork caul membrane (epiplon).
  • Farinato - sausage. Pork fat, bread, flour, pimentόn, stuffed into casings.
  • Fariñόn - sausage. Pork fat, blood, onions, pimentόn, beaten egg, corn flour, oregano. Stuffed into a large pork casing and cooked.
  • Flamenquín cordobés - pork roulade filled with pork loin, sliced ham and sheets of back fat. Usually breaded and fried.
  • Figatells - sausage. Lean pork, liver, kidneys, spices. Stuffed into casings.
  • Fuet - sausage. A type of salchichόn, stuffed in small diameter casing, usually covered with white mold.
  • Galantina - fine meat paste, usually from poultry.
  • Girella or Chireta - sausage. Sheep offal meat, lungs, heart, occasionally liver, casings, pork belly. Meats are ground, combined with rice, sometimes egg, and mixed with garlic, parsley, pepper, other spices, stuffed into sheep stomach and cooked.
  • Gordilla or Madeja - a small diameter lamb casing rolled around a ball of sheep fat.
  • Güeña - sausage. Pork by-products, pork belly, offal meat, ground and mixed with spices (pepper, pimentΌn, cinnamon, cloves, garlic). Stuffed into 20-24 mm sheep casings, linked every 10-15 cm (4-6”).
  • Hamburguesa - ground meat mixed with spices (hamburger).
  • Imperial de Lorca - sausage. A type of longaniza made with pork meat and fat. Meats are ground, mixed with spices, stuffed in natural casings and dried.
  • Jamόn de pato - duck ham. Duck breast, marinated with salt, seasoned with pepper and dried.
  • Lacόn - pork front leg, dried and matured.
  • Lomito - head of loin, dried and matured. Smaller and fatter than loin.
  • Lomo adobado de cerdo - whole loin, well trimmed of tendons and skin, marinated with salt, (spices included or not), marinade may be injected, and then the loin is baked.
  • Lomo embuchado - sausage. Salted loin, marinated with salt and spices, stuffed into natural or artificial casings and dried/matured. The product is made from a whole piece of loin or from its individual muscles firmly stuffed together.
  • Lomo de Sajonia - pork loin marinated with salt and spices. Cooked and usually smoked.
  • Longaniza - sausage. Ground meat mixed with spices and stuffed into small diameter casings.
  • Longaniza de Aragόn - sausage. Pork meat mixed with spices, stuffed into 25-40 mm casings, 20-70 cm (8-26”) long, forming “U” shaped loop. Dried and matured.
  • Longaniza imperial - sausage. A type of longaniza, 30-40 mm diameter, shaped in a loop form, covered with white mold.
  • Longaniza de Pascua - sausage. A type of salchichón made from lean pork, back fat, lean pork with attached fat (lardeo), beef, mixed with spices and stuffed into small (less than 25 mm) natural or artificial casings. Submitted to drying/maturing process of no less than 5 days.
  • Longaniza de Payés - sausage. Lean pork, pepper, sugars. Dry sausage covered with mold.
  • Lunch - fine meat paste with pieces of lean pork and back fat.
  • Magreta - fatty product made with skinless fatty meat trimmings and fat cuts. Marinated and cooked or baked.
  • Mondejo - sausage. Green vegetables, eggs, sheep casings or stomach and sheep fat. Stuffed into sheep casings.
  • Morcilla - sausage. Blood is the main component of blood sausage.
  • Morcilla blanca - sausage. Lean meat, pork belly, tongue, eggs, diced bread, spices, no blood added, all are stuffed into natural or artificial casings and cooked.
  • Morcilla de calabaza - sausage. Blood, back fat, cooked pumpkin and onions, spices. All stuffed into natural or artificial casings and cooked.
  • Morcilla de cebolla - sausage. Onions, fat, pork blood, occasionally rice, spices. All stuffed into natural or artificial casings and cooked.
  • Morcilla lustre - sausage. Blood, often cooked lungs, chopped heart, pork belly, cumin, parsley, mint. All stuffed into natural or artificial casings and cooked.
  • Morcilla rondeña - sausage. Cumin and cloves give this sausage a characteristic sweet flavor. Stuffed into natural or artificial casings forming a loop, and cooked.
  • Morcilla serrana - sausage. Blood, pork belly, pepper, garlic, and pimentón. All stuffed into natural or artificial casings and cooked.
  • Morcόn - sausage. Pork shoulder, lean pork, coarse ground, mixed with pepper, pimentón and garlic and stuff into a large pork casing (blind cap or stomach).
  • Mortadela - sausage. A fine paste of pork meat occasionally other animals, usually with diced fat, spices, and often with show-material such as pistachios, olives or peppers.
  • Mortadela bolonia - sausage. A fine pink color paste of pork meat with visible and well defined cubes of fat.
  • Mortadela cordobesa - sausage. A fine paste of pork meat with visible grain-of-rice size cubes of fat and pitted olives.
  • Mortadela siciliana - sausage. A fine pink color paste of pork meat with visible grain-of-rice size cubes of fat.
  • Morteruelo - meat paste made with pork liver, small wild game, poultry, diced bread and spices.
  • Moscancia - sausage. Blood, beef suet, onions, pimentón. All mixed, stuffed into beef casing and cooked. Garlic can also be added and optionally beef suet may be replaced with sheep fat.
  • Panceta or tocineta - pork belly (interlaced layers of fat and meat) which can be prepared and cooked in different ways.
  • Pantruco - back fat, chopped onions, beaten eggs, corn flour, pimentón, ajo, parsley. Formed into meat balls and cooked.
  • Patatera - sausage. Pork fat, potatoes, pimentón, garlic. All mixed and stuffed into casings.
  • Perro - sausage. Pork head meat, back fat, skins, blood, pepper, cinnamon, cloves. The meats are ground, mixed with all ingredients, stuffed into pork or beef casing and using twine tying sections 25-35 cm (10-14”) long.
  • Relleno de Huéscar - sausage. Pork, chicken, dry ham, eggs, bread, parsley. garlic. Meats ground, mixed with all ingredients, stuffed into pork casings and cooked in water.
  • Roulada - a fine paste of pork or other meats, with cubes of fat.
  • Sabadeña - sausage. Cooked casings, spices are stuffed into casings and submitted to a short drying process.
  • Sabadiego or chorizo sabadiego - sausage. Pork meat, beef meat or both, blood, onions, spices. Stuffed into casings, smoked and dried.
  • Salami - sausage. Pork meat or combination of meats, hard fat, spices, ground finely and stuffed into casings forming straight sections. Sausages usually covered with mold.
  • Salchicha - sausage. A typical common and small sausage made from ground meat, spices, and stuffed into casings.
  • Salchichόn de Málaga - sausage. Pork meat, beef or both, pork fat, spices. Meats are ground and stuffed into 30 mm or bigger natural casings, and submitted to drying/maturing process.
  • Salchichόn de ajo/al ajillo - sausage. Cooked sausage made from meat and back fat, mixed with spices and garlic.
  • Secallonas, somalles, petadors - sausage. Small diameter dried and matured sausages, usually less than 30 days.
  • Sevillana - meats, olives, pepper, spices. Ground, mixed, canned and heat treated.
  • Torteta - blood, flour, lard, bread, almonds, hazel nuts, pine nuts and others. All mixed, packed into mold and heat treated.
  • Zarajos - casings from a young or baby lamb, marinated, then spun around a grape vine stick or similar axis.

The meat products listed above are only general descriptions of a particular product, so the word “chorizo”, “longaniza” or “morcilla” does not identify a particular sausage. As there are 17 regions in Spain, each one with many municipalities, there are dozens of longanizas chorizos or morcillas, each with its own name and combination of ingredients, for example Longaniza de Aragón, Longaniza Murciana, Longaniza Navarra or Morcilla Andaluz, Morcilla Asturiana, Morcilla de Cebolla Valenciana, Morcilla Dulce Canaria. This naming convention applies to all products, be it morcilla, chorizo, longaniza or other sausages.

The official classification of Spanish sausages as presented in Spanish Food Code (Código Alimentario Español), Decreto 2484/1967.

Secion 3 - Meat Products (Derivados carnicos)

3.10.23 Sausages (Embutidos).

The definition of the sausage (embutido) applies to prepared meat products, comminuted or not, subsequently cured or not, containing edible meat parts and fat, products of vegetable nature, flavorings and spices, and stuffed into natural or artificial casings.

The classification of sausages:

3.10.24. Sausages made with meat (Embutidos de carne).
3.10.25. Sausages made with offal meat (Embutidos de visceras).
3.10.26. Sausages made with blood (Embutidos de sangre).
3.10.27. Sausages formed into blocks (Fiambres).

Raw sausages (Embutidos crudos). Sausages which are only marinated, mixed and stuffed into casings, matured or not, dried and smoked or not. Free of connective tissues, cartilage or suet.

Cooked in water sausages. (Embutidos escaldados). Sausages prepared from finely comminuted meat, cooked for different times in water at 70-80° C (158-176° F) and then smoked or not.

The latest Spanish regulations for dry (cured) sausages were established in BOE-A-1980-6080, on February 7, 1980.


Note: Sausages made with meat as specified in paragraph 3.10.1. They can be "pure" (puros) or "mixed" (mezcla) depending whether they are made from one type of meat (for example pork only) or with meats from different animals (for example pork and beef). Their texture can be be hard, soft or pasty. Their color can be red or white, depending on whether they contain pimentón.

Boletín Oficial del Estado is the set of all regulations that regulate industry, food, cosmetics and all aspects of life in Spain. In United States it is called Code of Federal Regulations (CFR).

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