All American Can Sealers

All American Can Sealers are heavy duty can sealers designed for use by small commercial canners, custom canners, school canneries, lunch rooms, experimental laboratories, gift packaging centers, and home canners. No skill or experience is required to perfectly seal tin cans automatically. It is unlikely that a hobbyist will need a bigger size than No. 2 can for sealing low acid products, and the 225 Master Can Sealer is well suited for the job. Larger models are more expensive and would be used by Commercial Canners, Custom Canners, School Canneries, Lunch Rooms or Experimental Laboratories. In addition, the recipes that were published by the USDA for home canning were tested for No. 2, No. 2.5 and No. 3 cans.

Established in 1909, Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry makes top quality pressure canners and can sealers under the All American® label. All American® Can Sealers include two types of sealers:

All-American Master Can Sealers to seal your choice of either No. 2 (307 x 409) or No. 3 (404 x 414) cans. Additional chucks are available for sealing other sizes, at an extra cost. The largest can size for All-American Master Can Sealers is No. 3 (quart size).

All-American Senior Can Sealers are set up to seal No. 10 & No. 12 cans, and can be adapted for smaller sizes. Those models also come in an electric version which are capable of sealing 150 cans per hour.

NOTE that 225 sealer will not seal smaller than No. 2 cans.

can sealer all american

Compression off. All-American Master 225 sealer. The lever in off position, compression off.

can sealer all american

Compression on. All-American Master 225 sealer. The lever in on position, the table is raised, compression on.

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