Ives-Way Can Sealer - Adjusting for Various Can Sizes

To seal can properly we have to provide the right amount of pressure in two dimensions:

  • Horizontal pressure between the chuck and seaming rollers.
  • Vertical pressure between the chuck and the turntable.

Each can diameter requires a corresponding chuck as the chuck must hold and spin the lid of the can. The chuck must also provide correct pressure against seaming rollers. The pressure is controlled by adjusting the seaming rollers assembly. The 3-hole nut of the pressure assembly has 3 holes and each of them can accommodate the seaming roller's screw.

  • No. 1 hole is nearest the chuck so it will be used for smaller diameter cans.
  • No. 2 hole in the middle so it will be used for medium diameter cans.
Ives-Way square nut

Seaming roller screwed into No. 2 hole.

The majority of home canning will require this set up. Both rollers, the 1st and the 2nd must be screwed on in the hole bearing the same number.

No.2-1/2 and No. 3 hole is furthest away from the chuck so it will be used for the larger cans.

Ives-Way 1st roller assembly

1st seaming roller assembly.

Ives-Way 2nd roller assembly

2nd seaming roller assembly.

Inserting the seaming roller's screw into the right hole adjusts roughly adjusts pressure between the can and seaming rollers in horizontal plane. The fine adjustment is achieved by adjusting seaming rollers with wire gauge.

Turntable - Spacers - Table Extension

Ives-Way spacers


Ives-Way spacers


Ives-Way table extension

Table extension.

Ives-Way turntable spring

Turntable and spring.

Ives-Way turntable bottom spacer

The spacer can be under the spring.

Ives-Way turntable top spacer

The spacer can be above the spring.

Ives-Way table extension

The table extension must be under the spring.

Ives-Way table extension

Table extension.

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