Wild Game Sausages

Wild game meat is lean and darker than other meats due to a lot of physical activity the animal is subjected to. This requires an increased supply of oxygen and as a result more myoglobin is developed. The more myoglobin is present the darker the color of the meat. Such a meat is often tougher but is good for sausages as meat for sausages must be ground first what is a tenderizing step. Even tough meat is easy to chew when it is ground through a small plate. Sausages made of venison are commercially made for sale in Canada and Alaska. Venison is lean meat and it should be mixed with pork back fat, fatty pork or a combination of pork and beef. A proportion of 60% venison to 40% other fatter meats is a good choice. You can add 30% of pork back fat or fat pork trimmings.

Venison is at risk of being infected with trichinosis and the regular freezing methods as applied to pork may not be enough. Freezing will not kill larval cysts in bears and other wild game animals that live in Northwestern U.S. and Alaska. That meat has to be cooked to 160º F (71º C) internal temperature. Any type of sausage can be produced from game meat, the fermented types included. The manufacturing process for making wild game sausages remains the same as for other sausage types. Using starter cultures and good manufacturing processes as outlined in the book, a semi-dry fermented venison sausage can successfully be made at home.


Good color, good price. Popular meat in Northwestern U.S. and Alaska.

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1001 Greatest Sausage Recipes

1001 Greatest Sausage Recipes offers a collection of the world’s greatest sausage recipes. Finding a reliable recipe on the internet becomes harder every day. To gain income from advertising clicks, the majority of large web sites generate thousands of so-called “sausage recipes” and when people search for “sausage recipes” they usually get recipes of dishes with sausages, but not actually how to make them. Unfortunately, the vital information about meat selection, ingredients and processing steps is usually missing.

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