Ives-Way Automatic Can Sealer

Lubrication Instructions

The circled numbers show the points that require oiling. Use a light machine oil or a 10 or 20 weight motor oil. 3-IN-ONE multi-purpose oil is a good choice. The numbers in parenthesis indicate the number of drops of oil to be used. For frequent or heavy use, oil all points two or three times a year. For occasional use or light use once a year is sufficient.

Ives-Way lubrication


Ives-Way lubrication

Lubrication points.

  1. Apply oil to hole shown.
  2. Apply oil to hole shown.
  3. Slide the handle away from the point that is being oiled. Apply oil, then rotate handle to allow oil to be drawn into the hole in the handle.
  4. Remove the turntable and apply one drop of oil to each side of the spacers and on the turntable shaft.
  5. Apply oil to outside surface of washer. Pull seaming roller down against spring. Apply oil to space between seaming roller and thrust washer. This is required on both the first and second seaming roller washers.
  6. Move lever to "Up" position and apply oil above lever pivot and at end of lever inside the slot in the head.
  7. With lever still in "Up" position apply oil to inside surface of head.
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