Fermented Whole Cabbage Heads

Whole or half cabbage heads may be fermented in a large crock. They should be covered with finely shredded cabbage and packed tight. The process is the same as for a regular sauerkraut. The main disadvantage of open containers for making sauerkraut lies in the fact that the top surface of sauerkraut is in contact with air. We may have cabbage leaves on top and the sauerkraut may be submerged in brine, yet molds will find a way to grow on top in time. The only fix was to periodically scoop up the scum from the surface, wash out the leaves, cover and weights, and reinstall everything the way it was. If that was not performed on a regular basis, there was a danger of losing the production. German and Polish fermented crocks elininated the problem of slime build up.

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