Homemade Reflux Distilling Columns

To satisfy the needs of homeowners a scaled down version of the industrial column is offered which is capable of producing up to one liter of pure alcohol every hour. Homemade distilling columns employ the external reflux design as well, their diameter is 1-3", two inches being the most popular, and the trays are replaced with a packing material that will allow the vapors to condense as they pass up to the condenser.

Homemade column design

Homemade column design.

Homemade columns

Homemade columns operate on household electrical current or they can be heated with propane.

Modern distillation column

Modern distillation column for home use. This digitally controlled distillation column is capable of producing 1 liter per hour of superb quality 95% pure alcohol. Made by VSOP www.vsop.com.pl.

Although distilling alcoholic beverages is prohibited in the USA, it is legal in many European countries. The same equipment that produces distilled alcohol can also be used to distill water or produce natural essential oils. Plans for making reflux fractionating columns can be found all over the internet. To conform to American law, those who live in the USA should produce alcohol beverages using alcohol that was legally purchased in a store.

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