Vegetarian Barley Sausage

Barley sausage recipe is a vegetarian equivalent of a blood sausage recipe. Mixed with blood barley and buckwheat groats are commonly used in German, Polish and Russian blood sausages. In this vegetarian sausage recipe the blood is replaced with beet juice which provides red color.
Cooked barley650 g1.43 lb
Soy-beet emulsion (1:4:5)*100 g3.5 oz
Textured vegetable protein (TVP)30 g1 oz
Beet juice for TVP90 ml3 oz fl
Vital wheat gluten50 g1.76 oz
Potato starch15 g0.52 oz
Guar gum5 g0.17 oz
Carrageenan10 g0.35 oz
Salt5 g0.17 oz
Pepper4 g0.14 oz
Onion powder10 g0.35 oz
Marjoram2 g0.07 oz
Oregano2 g0.07 oz
Allspice2 g0.07 oz
  1. Cook barley in water for about 20 minutes. Use 1 part barley to 2.1 parts of water.
  2. * make standard emulsion using beet juice instead of water.
  3. Rehydrate TVP in beet juice instead of water.
  4. Vital wheat gluten flour may be replaced with potato flour.
  5. Mix barley, soy-beet emulsion, soaked TVP with spices together. Lastly, add starch, guar and carrageenan and mix all together.
  6. Stuff hard into 38 mm casing.
  7. Cook in 176-185° F (80-85° C) water for 20 minutes.
  8. Place sausages in cold water for 5 minutes. Remove and let them cool.
* to make emulsion use given ratio (by weight) of soy protein isolate : vegetable oil : water (or other liquid). Using a manual whisk or electric blender mix soy protein isolate with water first until a smooth paste is obtained. Then start gradually adding oil until mayonnaise-like emulsion is obtained. More about emulsions. 100 g soy protein emulsion = 10 soy protein isolate : 40 g oil : 50 g water

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