Ukrainian Sausage

Ukrainian sausage is a heavily smoked sausage that is cooked in water.

beef700 g1.54 lb.
pork jowls, hard fat trimmings, belly300 g0.66 lb.
Ingredients per 1000g (1 kg) of meat
salt18 g3 tsp.
Cure #12.5 g½ tsp.
pepper2.0 g1 tsp.
paprika2.0 g1 tsp.
allspice2.0 g1 tsp.
marjoram2.0 g1½ tsp.
garlic3.5 g1 clove
cold water150 ml⅝ cup
  1. Grind fat pork (jowl or equivalent) with 3/8” (13 mm) plate. Grind beef with 1/4” (5 mm) plate. Grind lower class beef (sinews, gristle) twice through 1/8” (2-3 mm) plate. You may emulsify it in a food processor.
  2. Add 20 - 25 % of cold water in relation to the weight of the beef (about 150 ml) into the emulsified beef, add all spices and mix well together. Then mix the mass together with ground pork fat until the mass feels sticky.
  3. Stuff mixture into 36 mm hog casings or beef rounds and form rings about 12” long.
  4. Hang at room temperature for two hours to dry (optional step, but recommended).
  5. Smoke with hot smoke 90-110 minutes until the color of the casing is light brown with a red tint (paprika makes it red).
  6. Cook in water at 160º-167º F (72º-75º C) for 45 minutes or until internal temperature of 154º- 158º F (68º-70º C) is obtained.
  7. Shower with water.
  8. Store in refrigerator.

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