Tomatenleberwurst (Tomato Liver Sausage)

Tomatenleberwurst is German liver sausage with tomato sauce.

Pork liver350 g0.77 lb
Pork belly or jowls550 g1.21 lb
Tomato puree (sauce)100 g0.22 lb
Ingredients per 1000g (1 kg) of materials
Salt18 g3 tsp
Pepper2.0 g1 tsp
Cardamom0.5 g1/4 tsp
Nutmeg0.5 g1/4 tsp
Ginger0.3 g1/8 tsp
Onion, chopped40 g1/2 onion
Maggi™ seasoning*5 ml1 tsp
  1. Boil pork belly or jowls at 90° C (194° F) for 20 minutes. Cool in running water.
  2. Fry chopped onion in fat until glassy and golden.
  3. Grind pork belly through 3 mm (1/8")
  4. Grind raw liver and onions through 3 mm (1/8") plate.
  5. Mix liver, belly, tomato puree and all ingredients.
  6. Stuff into 45 mm waterproof synthetic casings forming 20 cm (8") links.
  7. Boil at 80° C (176° F) for 50 minutes.
  8. Cool and refrigerate.
* Maggi is German seasoning that is used all over the world. It tastes like soy sauce and Worcestershire sauce mixed together. Invented by Julius Maggi, a miller from Switzerland, the sauce has been manufactured in Germany since 1887.

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