Chouriço is Portugal’s most popular sausage. A dry sausage similar to the more popular Spanish chorizo (which may be substituted for it in recipes), chouriço is very garlicky, red-brown with paprika, and smoked.

Pork shoulder1000 g2.2 lb
Ingredients per 1000g (1 kg) of meat
Salt28 g3 tsp
Cure #22.5 g1/2 tsp
Dextrose5.0 g2 tsp
Pepper4.0 g2 tsp
Sweet paprika2.0 g1 tsp
Smoked paprika (pimentón)4.0 g2 tsp
Cayenne pepper0.5 g1/2 tsp
Minced garlic10 g1 Tbsp
Red wine15 ml1 Tbsp
  1. Cut meat into 3/8” (10 mm) pieces.
  2. Mix with all ingredients.
  3. Stuff firmly into 36 mm hog casings and tie off into 10” (25 cm) rings.
  4. Apply a thin cold smoke at 18º C (64º F) for 2 days.
  5. Dry for 30 days at 12-15º C (54-59º F), 70-75% humidity.
  6. Store at 12° C (54° F), 70% humidity.

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