Androlla Maragata

Androlla Maragata is a popular sausage in communities of el Bierzo i la Maragatería in León region of Spain. The sausage is similar to Galician Androlla as both sausages are made with pork ribs, however, in Androlla Maragata the bones are removed and only the meat is processed. Due to the high content of connective tissue (ribs, skins and jowls) the sausage contains a lot of collagen which gels upon heating and provides the most pleasant experience upon eating.
Jowls500 g1.10 lb
Spare rib meat (no bones)400 g0.88 lb
Pork loin skin100 g0.22 lb
Ingredients per 1000g (1 kg) of meat
Salt24 g4 tsp
Cure #22.5 g1/2 tsp
Pimentón, sweet25 g4 Tbsp
Pimentón, hot3.0 g1.5 tsp
Garlic7.0 g2 cloves
Oregano, ground2.0 g1 tsp
  1. Cut rib meat and jowls into 20 mm (3/4") pieces. Cut skins into smaller strips.
  2. Mix salt, cure #2, spices, meat and skins together. Place in refrigerator for 48 hours.
  3. Stuff firmly into a 50 mm casing. Make links 20 cm (8") long.
  4. Smoke/dry for 8-10 days by hanging sausages above the kitchen stove. Move the sausages to a different area of the kitchen and dry them for 1-2 months.*
Androlla is always slow cooked in water before consumption. Add soup greens to water for best results. It is usually served with boiled potatoes and turnip greens, known in UK as rapini and in US as broccoli raab or broccoli rabe.
The sausage exhibits an intense red color.
The average weight of the sausage is about ½ kg (1 pound).

* traditional method of smoking known as "la campana de Lareira." Today, the process will be shorter:
Apply a thin smoke at 18° C (64° F) for 24 hours.
Dry at 12-15° C (53-59° F) for 30-40 days.
Store at 10-12° C (50-53° F), <70% humidity or refrigerate.

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