Kazy is a traditional horse meat sausage of Kazakhs, Tatars and other ethnic groups of central Asia, particularly those of Turkic origin. Kazy is made from long and fatty solid strips of meat from the rib cage. These strips about 3” (8 cm) in diameter are generously sprinkled with salt, pepper and plenty of garlic and then stuffed into a horse casing forming one continuous rope. The sausage is sold as a fresh or fully cooked. It takes around 2 hours to cook the sausage in water at 80° C (176° F). Kazy is often hot smoked and then cooked. It may also be cold smoked and dried.
It is very easy to make the sausage that is not smoked. Such Kazy usually do not contain sodium nitrite (cure #1) so the cooked meat will be brown. Hot smoked Kazy will need about 3-4 hours smoking time and adding cure #1 is recommended for safety. Dry Kazy will be the most difficult to make as it will need at least 3.3% salt, cure #2 and a careful attention to drying temperatures and humidity. Kazy must be made from horse meat so substituting wild game meat will not produce the original product.

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