Weiꞵkrautwürstchen (White Cabbage Sausage)

German cabbage sausage is meat stuffed into cabbage leaves. There is a great deal of confusion about German cabbage sausage recipe. Most sources quote that the cabbage sausage or lung sausage is a simple, strong smoked raw sausage from lungs, pork and fat, which is usually cooked and added to cabbage dishes. It is mainly known in Northeastern German, Northwest German and Silesian cuisine. In Denmark, in the Danish part of Schleswig (Sønderjylland), cabbage sausage is known as Kål-pølse (cabbage sausage) and is eaten at New Year’s Eve celebrations and in the cold seasons. The sausage does not contain cabbage but is made of pork and it is served with cabbage dishes. The following recipe comes from the Genuine Art of German Cooking and Baking (Aechte Deutsche Kochkunst, 1922) book by Gina Meir.

  • White cabbage head |1|
  • Chopped pork |340 g|3/4 lb
  • Pork bacon |56 g|1/8 lb
  • Onion |1|
  • Left over gravy, salt, pepper |as needed
  1. The whole head of cabbage is boiled until half done in salt water. The outer leaves are then carefully taken off and some of the mixture of chopped pork, salt and pepper put on each leaf and the leaf is rolled or wrapped around it and tied with a string.
  2. The bacon and onions are cut into small pieces and fried, then these little cabbage sausages are fried in it to a nice brown color. The gravy is poured over them, the pan is covered and the sausages stewed for 90-120 minutes, the string removed and served.
  3. If you have no gravy, make one by browning 1 tablespoon of butter and 2 tablespoons of flour and adding water or bouillon. Put in 3 tablespoons of cream if you have it; salt, pepper and boil. If you have no bouillon, stir 1/2 teaspoon of meat extract with water.
The cabbage sausage rolls can be baked in oven. when baked, cabbage sausages are less inclined to burn at the bottom when a few layers of extra leaves are placed on the bottom.
There is a French cabbage sausage (Saucisse de Choux) stuffed in casings that contains cabbage. Greek”dolmathes” which is meat and rice stuffed grape leaves are almost identical to Polish “gołąbki”- meat and rice stuffed in cabbage leaves. In Romania meat and rice stuffed in cabbage leaves is known as “sarmale.”
The practice of using leaves as casings for holding sausage mix has been in use for centuries. Nham-Thai fermented semi-dry sausage is made with pork and rice and wrapped in banana leaves. ”Cha Lụa or Steamed Pork Roll, also called Vietnamese Ham or Vietnamese bologna is a Vietnamese sausage, made of pork and is traditionally wrapped in banana leaves. Grape leaves are popular in several Mediterranean countries and in the Middle East. What leaves are chosen is usually determined by the type of plant that grows in the local area.

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