Fish - Smoked in Cans

  • Gut and clean the fish. Soak in 20% brine for 60 minutes and then smoke at 100° F, 38° C for 90 minutes.
  • Cut the smoked fish to fit the cans.
  • Pack the fish solidly leaving 1/4 inch headspace.
  • Exhaust. Place a suitable pot or pan on the stove with some hot water in it. Have more hot water nearby.
  • Place filled with fish open cans in the hot water in a single layer. The water should come up halfway up the outside of the cans. Do not cover cans with the lids. Covering the pot will result in moisture dripping into the cans.
  • Turn heat on high and bring water to boil. Adjust the heat to keep a steady boil.
  • Heat the pot until the fish reach a temperature of 170∞ F, 77∞ C. Using a jar lifter remove cans from the pot and seal one can at a time.
  • Place sealed cans on the rack in the canner. The canner should be already filled with about 3 inches of hot water.
  • Check your canner specifications.
  • Process at once.
Smoked Fish Fillets
Style of Pack Container Process Time Canner Pressure at "0" ft
dial-gauge weighted-gauge
Hot 1/2 lb can, 307x200.25 110 min 11 lb 10 lb
1 lb can, 301x408 125 min 11 lb 10 lb

For processing at above 1,000 ft, see Altitude Adjustments.

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