Salted Japanese Cabbage

Ingredients Metric US
napa cabbage 2 kg 4.4 lb
salt, 3% 60 g
small lemon 1 1
dried Japanese kombu 15 cm 6 inches
hot peppers (Tabasco strength) 3 3
  1. Remove 2-3 outer cabbage leaves for later use. Cut the cabbage half way from the base to the middle.
  2. Tear the rest apart.
  3. Split each half into quarters.
  4. Sprinkle little salt into the bottom of a container.
  5. Place cabbage quarters, cut sides up. Sprinkle more salt on cut cabbage, add lemon slices, kombu, and whole hot peppers.
  6. Repeat until all cabbage is firmly packed. Sprinkle with remaining salt.
  7. Place a lid or inverted dinner plate on top of cabbage, then add weight on top.
  8. There should be liquid over the plate the next day. Ready to eat in 3 days.
Dried Japanese kombu

Dried Japanese kombu can be cut into smaller squares.

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