Pork and Veal

Materials Metric US
pork grade II (with fat) 510 g 18 oz
lean veal 250 g 8.81 oz
regular veal (with fat) 150 g 5.29 oz
pork skins 80 g 2.82 oz
pork lard 10 g 0.35 oz
Ingredients for 1 kg (2.2 lb) materials
salt 18 g 3 tsp
pepper 0.5 g 1/4 tsp
allspice 0.2 g 1/10 tsp
marjoram 0.2 g 1/5 tsp
small onion 20 g 1/2 oniong


  • 1. Skins.
  • a. Wash raw skins in lukewarm water.
  • b. Cure skins for 48 hours in 18° Be (70° salinometer, 18% salt) at refrigerator temperature. Use enough solution to be able to mix the skins without difficulty. 70° SAL solution: 1.88 lb salt to 1 gallon of water.
  • c. Simmer the skins for 25 minutes at 194-203° F, 90-95° C, but don't make them too soft.
  • d. Cool the skins on screens as warm skins glue together during grinding.
  • 2. Dice onion and fry in lard until golden.
  • 3. Cut pork and veal into 1" (25 mm) pieces.
  • 4. Grind skins through 1/8" (3 mm) plate.
  • 5. Mix meats with ground skins adding salt, until the mixture becomes sticky. Add onion and spices and remix.
  • 6. Pack the cans leaving 1/2 inch headspace.
  • 7. Exhaust cans to 170° F, 77° C meat temperature.
  • 8. Add hot boiling water (if needed) 1/4 inch to top.
  • 9. Process at once at 250° F, 121° C:
  • No.2.5, 401x411 - 80 min
  • 307x409 - 70 min
  • 307x200.25 - 50 min

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