Pate Popular

Materials Metric US
pork I, II and III grade 550 g
pork skins and pork feet meat 100 g
liver, pork or veal 100 g
fat trimmings 250 g
Ingredients for 1 kg (2.2 lb) of materials
salt 12 g 2 tsp
pepper 1 g 0.5 tsp
allspice 0.3 g 1/4 tsp
marjoram 0.2 g
bay leaf, crushed 1/2 leaf 1/2 leaf
onion 20 g 1/2 small onion


  1. Wash the liver, cut it across and then scald in hot water (167° F, 75° C) until no more blood is released.
  2. Wash the skins and feet meat. Simmer in water (194° F, 90° C) for two hours.
  3. Simmer all pork and fat trimmings with 1/2 bay leaf in a little water (194° F, 90° C) for about 30 minutes.
  4. Drain and leave on the screen/table to cool down.
  5. Cut the onion in discs and fry in fat until golden.
  6. Grind liver, meat, fat trimmings and onion through 1/8" (3 mm) plate. Add all spices and either grind again or process in food processor, until one smooth paste is obtained.
  7. Pack into glass jars leaving 1 inch headspace.
  8. Place jars into warm water and heat up to about 100° F, 38° C.
  9. Seal jars, and process at once at 250° F, 121° C:
    1/2 Pint - 50 min
    Pint - 60 min

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