Grind scraps of lean meat, or meat from less tender cuts. Season with 1 tsp. salt to 1 pound ground meat. Mix well.

Hot Pack

  1. Form meat into small fairly thin, flat cakes, uniform in thickness (not humped in middle). Make them of a size to pack into the containers without breaking.
  2. Place meat cakes in heavy baking pan, oiled slightly if necessary to prevent sticking. Precook in moderate oven until medium done. Cakes are heated enough when they show almost no red color at center when cut.
  3. Pack cakes hot. Leave one-inch space above meat in glass jars; 1/2 inch in tin cans.
  4. Cover meat with hot liquid (pan drippings with fat skimmed off, meat broth, or water). Again leave 1 inch space above liquid in glass jars. Fill tin cans to top.
  5. Work out air bubbles. Add more liquid if necessary; leave 1 inch above liquid in glass jars, fill cans to top.
  6. Seal and process at once.

Raw Pack* - Suitable only for cans.

  1. Pack ground raw meat solidly into tin cans, level with the top.
  2. Place open can in large vessel of water and heat as directed above for raw pack of cut pieces of meat.
  3. Press meat down about 1/2 inch below rim of can. Seal can and process at once.
Style of Pack Container Size Process Time Canner Pressure at "0" ft
dial-gauge weighted-gauge
Hot Jar-Pint 75 min 11 lb 10 lb
Jar-Quart 90 min
Can-No.2 65 min
Can No.2.5 and No.3 90 min
Raw* Can-No.2 100 min
Can-No.2.5 and 3 135 min

For processing at above 1,000 ft, see Altitude Adjustments.

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