Bacon With Peas In Cans

Materials Metric US
smoked bacon 600 g 1.32 lb
lard 10 g 2 tsp
dry peas 390 g 13.76 oz
Ingredients for 1 kg (2.2 lb) of material
salt 5 g 1 tsp
marjoram 0.5 g 1/4 tsp
small onion 40 g 1.4 oz


  1. Soak dry peas in cold water for 12 hours. Stir often.
  2. Add water to pot equipped with a steamer basked and bring to a boil. Place soaked peas in a steamer basket and cook for 3 minutes, shaking the pot a few times to make sure that all peas are scalded equally. Drain peas on screens.
  3. Dice onion and fry in lard until golden.
  4. Cook smoked bacon for 3 minutes in boiling water. Cut bacon into pieces about 2-1/2 oz (70 g) each.
  5. Mix peas with onion, salt and marjoram. Add peas and mix again.
  6. Pack each can with one piece of smoked bacon, then fill with peas.
  7. Add water, leaving 1/2 headspace.
  8. Exhaust cans to 170° F, 77° C meat temperature. Fill with hot water to 1/4 inch from top.
  9. Seal and process at once at 250° F, 121° C: 307x200.25 - 45 min

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