Lychee Vodka

Lychee fruit produces vodka which has a floral smell and a fragrant sweet flavor.

Whole Lychees 750 g (1.65 lb)
Alcohol, 80 proof (vodka) 500 ml
Ingredients per 1000 ml (1 liter) of alcohol
No other ingredients are added.


  1. Squeeze lychee fruit with your fingers and remove the skin and the pit. Use only white pulp for making infusion. You should get at least 500 g of the white pulp.
  2. Add alcohol and macerate for 3 weeks. Adding plain vodka makes a smooth drink. Shake the jar every few days.
  3. Strain and filter.
  4. Bottle and age for one day.


  • To make vodka stronger use stronger alcohol.
  • Mixing equal parts of 150 proof Everclear with 80 proof vodka results in 58% alcohol. This will result in a very strong drink which, however, may be diluted with ice or water.

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