Kumquat Vodka

Kumquat vodka is made from small Kumquat oranges with a sweet sour bitter flavor. They grow all over Florida and in Mediterranean basin area. They may not appeal to many people when tasted raw, however they absolutely shine when mixed with other sweet beverages, for example honey. Curacao liqueur is made with Kumquat like oranges and the liqueur has an orange-like flavor with varying degrees of bitterness.

Kumquat infusion 600 ml
Lemon skins infusion 15 ml
Orange skins infusion 5 ml
Ingredients per 1000 ml (1 liter) of alcohol
Ginger extract 15 ml
Vanilla extract 15 ml
Cinnamon extract 5 ml
Cloves extract 2 ml
Sugar syrup 200 ml


  1. Kumquat infusion: 500 g kumquats with the skin, halved. Cover with 500 ml 75% (150 proof) Everclear. Macerate for 3 weeks, shake the jar every few days, strain and filter.
  2. Ginger extract: 25 g fresh peeled sliced ginger, 50 ml 50% alcohol. Macerate for 3 weeks, shake the jar every few days, strain and filter.
  3. Mix 600 ml Kumquat infusion, 15 ml ginger extract, 200 g sugar or 200 ml normal 73% sugar syrup and add all extracts.
  4. Add water if needed to 1 liter mark. The recipe is for 1 liter.
  5. Bottle and age for one month.


  • Mixing equal parts of 150 proof Everclear with 80 proof vodka results in 58% alcohol.

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