Candy Skittles Vodka

Clear hard candies produce very clear vodkas. Pick up your favored candy and make vodka out of it.

Alcohol 40° (vodka) 500 ml
Ingredients per 1000 ml (1 liter) of alcohol
Clear hard candy 50 g


  1. Select the type of candy that you like. Red candy will produce red vodka and green colored one will produce green colored vodka.
  2. Place vodka and candy in a glass jar, cover and shake. Periodically shake the jar until all candy dissolves in vodka what takes about one day.
  3. Filter through a funnel lined up with paper towel or coffee filter.
  4. Bottle.


  • Increasing the amount of candy will result in sweeter vodka.
  • You can improve the flavor by using extracts or essential oils of your choice.

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