Raspberry Liqueur

Raspberry liqueur is very sweet and like honey benefits from citric acid. Lemon juice of course could be used, but it introduces a degree of cloudiness.

Raspberry infusion 350 ml
Sugar syrup 73% 300 ml
Alcohol 75° 250 ml
Ingredients per 1000 ml (1 liter) of alcohol
Lemon skins infusion* 20 ml
Citric acid 0.5 g
Water to bring liqueur to 1 liter mark (~100 ml)


  1. Create Raspberry Infusion:
    • raspberry 500 g
    • alcohol 70° 750 ml
    • Macerate for 3 weeks. Strain and bottle.
  2. Add citric acid to raspberry infusion and mix with sugar syrup.
  3. Mix lemon skin infusion with 75° alcohol.
  4. Keep on stirring infusion and start slowly adding alcohol.
  5. Bottle and age for one month.


  • *10 g lemon skins, 50 ml 75° alcohol, macerate for 3 days. Strain and bottle.
  • You can use commercially produced extracts and essential oils.

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