Chocolate Creme

Chocolate creme is a wonderful drink that goes extremely well with cakes and deserts.

75° alcohol 200 ml
White rum, 40° 50 ml
Brandy 50 ml
Egg yolks 100 g (6)
Full fat milk, 3.2% 150 ml
Bitter chocolate 50 g
Fine sugar 400 g
Ingredients per 1000 ml (1 liter) of alcohol
Almond infusion* 30 ml
Vanilla infusion** 15 ml
Orange skin infusion*** 15 ml


  1. Break chocolate into small pieces and mix with rum, brandy and 200 ml 75° alcohol. Rest for two days, shake often.
  2. Separate egg yolks from whites.
  3. Mix sugar and egg yolks together. Continue mixing and add liquefied chocolate. Add milk, almond and vanilla infusion.
  4. Bottle and age for one month.


  • *25 g almonds, finely crushed, 50 ml alcohol 75°, macerate for 3 weeks. Filter and bottle.
  • **10 g vanilla, 90 ml alcohol 50°, macerate for 3 weeks. Filter and bottle.
  • ***10 g orange skins (without pith), 50 ml 75° alcohol, macerate 3 days. Strain and bottle.
  • You can use commercially made extracts and essential oils.

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