Cacao Creme

Cacao creme is a wonderful drink that goes extremely well with cakes and deserts.

Cacao infusion 425 ml
Orange skins infusion* 30 ml
Ingredients per 1000 ml (1 liter) of alcohol
Sugar syrup 73% 350 ml
Heavy cream 50 ml
75° alcohol 150 ml


  • 1. Create cacao infusion:
    • 50 g cacao powder
    • 1 tsp freshly ground coffee, 2 g cut up vanilla (1/2 stick), 4 broken raw almonds
    • 500 ml 50° alcohol
    1. Place ingredients in a glass jar, add 500 ml 50° alcohol and macerate for 2 weeks. Shake every 2 days.
    2. strain and filter.
  • 2. Mix cacao infusion with sugar syrup and heavy cream. Mix orange skin infusion with 75° alcohol.
  • 3. Combine infusions together.
  • 4. Bottle and age for 2 months.

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