Canadian bacon

Canadian bacon is made from pork loin. The average weight of a pork loin is 12-14 lbs.

pork loin5-6 kg11-13 lbs.
  1. Immerse loin in brine and place for 2 days in refrigerator OR pump meat with 10% pump and then place it in leftover brine for 1 day only.
  2. Remove all bones and trim down the fat until you reach the lean meat.
  3. Place loin into leftover brine and keep for 5 days in refrigerator.
  4. Making Brine: To make 50° brine (10° Baumé) add 1.2 pounds of salt to 1 gallon of water (3.8 liters). Add 130 g (7-½ Tbsp) of Cure #1. Add 226 g (½ lb) sugar. This amount of brine will cure about 17 lbs (7.3 kg) of meat.
  5. Remove from brine, wash and soak in cold water for 1 hour.
  6. Stuff into synthetic casing or stockinette and hang in a preheated to 130º F (54º C) smokehouse to dry. This should take 3-4 hours with vents wide open.
  7. When loin is dry apply smoke and smoke for 3 hours at 150º F (66º C).
  8. Increase temperature (no smoke) to 170º F (77º C) and hold until meat reaches internal temperature of 154º F (68º C).
  9. Shower for 5 minutes with cold water.
  10. Hang at room temperature until loin is dry.
  11. Place in refrigerator.

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