German Sausages

When seeing the name Bratwurst, Kochwurst, or Rohwurst, one might think that each represents a particular sausage. Well this is not the case and you have to break up the name to find more about the sausage. The word “wurst” denotes a sausage, nothing else.

Bratwurst - chopped sausage (brät = chopped)
Kochwurst - cooked sausage (koch = cooked)
Rohwurst - raw sausage (Mettwurst, Teewurst, salami), (roh = raw)
Leberwurst - liver sausage (leber = liver)
Sülzwurst - head cheese (sulz = jellied meat)
Blutwurst - blood sausage (blut = blood) Nürnberger Bratwurst (Bratwurst from Nürnberger region).
Münchener Bratwurst (Bratwurst from Münchener region).
Rheinische Bratwurst (Bratwurst from Rhein region).
Rheinische Leberwurst (liver sausage from Rhein region).
Thüringer Leberwurst - liver sausage from Thuringia region)
Frankfurter Leberwurst (liver sausage from Frankfurt region).
Berliner Sülzwurst (Head cheese from Berlin region).
Thüringer - sausage from Thuringia region

This sausage-by-region classification is not a new concept and we have been using it without even thinking when choosing salamis: Salami Genoa, Salami Milano, Salami Lombardia, Salami Sorrento etc. In most cases the recipes are very similar. The word “würstchen” means little sausage and the wiener sausage will be called “Wienerwürstchen” in German. By the same token Bratwürstchen denotes a little grill type sausage. When you come across this new intriguing recipe you may discover nothing else but the sausage that you have made before. Take for example “Knoblauchwurst.” Knoblauch = garlic and “wurst” = sausage. What we have is a “garlic sausage.” In Polish it is known as Kielbasa Czosnkowa (Czosnek = garlic) and the Spanish will say “Chorizo con Ajo” (ajo = garlic). The sausage may go by many names but it is still ground meat, salt, pepper and a large amount of garlic. It may include other spices but as long as garlic is the dominant spice we have a garlic sausage.

German Meat products carrying European Certificates of Origin:

Thüringer Leberwurst PGI 18/12/2003
Thüringer Rostbratwurst PGI 18/12/2003
Thüringer Rotwurst PGI 18/12/2003
Schwarzwälder Schinken PGI 24/01/1997
Nürnberger Bratwürste; Nürnberger Rostbratwürste PGI 16/07/2003
Greußener Salami PGI 09/04/1998
Ammerländer Schinken; Amerländer Knochenschinken PGI 24/01/1997
Ammerländer Dielenrauchschinken; Ammerländer Katenschinken PGI 24/02/1997