Meats and Sausages

Cold Smoking

How to make sausage is a popular search query and many websites provide information about making sausages, however, they limit the discussion to making fresh sausage, which is a very simple product to make. The goal of our website is to cover not only basic sausage making skills, but to offer instruction on making more advanced meats like fermented and dry sausages, liver sausages, head cheeses, smoked meats and fish, and making hams.

In Smokehouse Plans we offer basics rules for making meat smokers and smokehouses. Meat smokers or smokehouses come in all sizes and shapes: barrel, drum, wood and paper box smokers, smokehouses made from bricks and concrete block, the design is limited by the builder's imagination. As long as smoke makes contact with meat, the meat will be smoked. Smoking meats is easy, what is harder is to maintain high temperature inside the smokehouse in order to cook the product. Wood logs, electric hot plate, or gas burner will provide sufficient heat as long as the smokehouse is well insulated. If cooking inside becomes the problem, smoked meat can be removed from the smoker and the cooking may be accomplished in oven or pot with water.

Sausages can be divided into:

Some sausages like Chorizo, Chaurice, Boudin and others are served in two ways:

  1. As a meat patty (hamburger shape) fried on a pan with eggs or other dishes and obviously they are not stuffed into casings.
  2. Stuffed into casings thus becoming a sausage.

In both cases it is the same meat with the same ingredients and final flavor that is prepared in two different forms. American famous Breakfast Sausage is served at McDonalds (Sausage McMuffin) for breakfast and it looks like a hamburger though called a sausage. The same recipe when stuffed into tiny links becomes Breakfast Sausage and is served in hospitals for breakfast all over the USA.

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