Thuringer is a semi-dry partially or fully cooked, smoked beef and pork sausage.

pork700 g1.54 lb.
beef300 g0.66 lb.

Ingredients per 1000g (1 kg) of meat

salt23 g4 tsp.
Cure #12.5 g½ tsp.
dextrose (glucose), 1%10 g2 tsp.
coriander2.0 g1 tsp.
whole mustard seeds2.0 g1½ tsp.
allspice2.0 g1 tsp.
F-LC culture0.24 guse scale


  1. Grind pork and beef fat through 3/16” plate (5 mm).
  2. Mix all ingredients with meat.
  3. Stuff into beef middles or fibrous casings 40-120 mm.
  4. Ferment at 30º C (86º F) for 24 hours, 90-85% humidity.
  5. Introduce warm smoke (43º C, 110º F), 70% humidity, for 6 hours. Gradually increase smoke temperature until internal meat temperature of 140º F (60º C) is obtained.
  6. For a drier sausage: dry for 2 days at 22-16º C (70-60º F), 65-75% humidity or until desired weight loss has occurred.
  7. Store sausages at 10-15º C (50-59º F), 75% humidity.

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